Salamanca Markets – Hobart – Tasmania

Tried a little bit of street photography. Really does require strengthening the courage muscles to do it well 🙂






When photography, genealogy and Facebook collide!

I’ve been going to my Camera Club for about 14 months now. I know a few people by name, but am still mostly trying to put names and faces together. On Tuesday night we had a gathering after the print competition to discuss camera club stuff etc. One of the things we decided to do was create a Facebook group so we could share stuff between meetings. I volunteered with another lady to set it up so a number of us decided to friend each other on Facebook so we could include in the group.

The next morning I was looking at the profiles of my new friends interested to see if we had friends in common etc and in one woman’s (lets call her S) I noticed something interesting. When I opened her friends list up right at the top under A is a surname that jumps out at me because I know it. On further investigation I discovered this is her mother. Interesting because her mother is my dad’s first cousin, which makes us second cousins!

So I send S a message to confirm – with some details and she replies OMG yes how are we related?

Since then we’ve exchanged messages, emails, shared family photos, introduced each other’s family on and off Facebook, and had a long chat on the phone catching up. We have to arrange a suitable time to catch up between our busy lives but will also see each other at Camera Club and are planning some photo shoots too.

We probably wouldn’t have found this all out in a normal conversation so well done Facebook.

And by the way our Facebook Groups for our Camera Club is going gang busters.

Below is the family. S’s grandfather is the little boy centre Albert and my grandmother Emma is girl right. Photo taken Liverpool England about 1919-1920. The family except for the eldest daughter emigrated to Australia in 1926.