Camera Club Comp – Nature


“Nature” is one of the definitions I struggle with for competition.  I hope the Judge reads the definition thoroughly!  

Definition:  Nature photography depicts living, untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs.  Photographs of animals that are domesticated, caged or under any form of restraint, as well as photographs of cultivated plants are ineligible.  Minimal evidence of humans is acceptable for nature subjects, such as barn owls, or storks, adapting to an environment modified by humans, or natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves, reclaiming it.  The original image must have been taken by the photographer, whatever photographic medium is used.  Any manipulation or modifications to the original image is limited to minor retouching of blemishes and must not aper the content of the original scene.  After satisfying the above requirements, every effort should be made to ensure the highest level of artistic skill in all nature photographs.

We need to have 2 mono and 2 colour prints to submit.  So turning lovely coloured prints into mono can be a challenge also.  I’ve been busy and not taking lots of photos plus its winter here now but these are my two monos for next week.  But a challenge is always a good thing 🙂  



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