My mother was wonderful

And I am blessed that I had her in my life for 20 years. Sadly it was her life story to only be on this earth for 48 years and we have been missing her for nearly 35 years. I take great comfort when others comment that her beauty was inside as well as outside. But her legacy is still with us, and she has influenced the woman I am today and I even see her in my daughter and grand daughter, who unfortunately never met her.

It’s so easy to say I wish she was still here today, but if I follow that fantasy through I think my life would have been very different. So we live in the real world and I choose to be eternally grateful for my mum and the time we had together.

Happy Mothers Day to mums everywhere. Comfort to those who no longer have their mothers or the special ones who missed being mums themselves.



iPhone for photography

So I still use my iPhone for photos often even though I’m a serious photographer (ha ha ha).  It’s the camera I have with me always and I’ve learnt some neat tricks.  I used to work at North Sydney and had a view of the Harbour from my desk which included the Harbour Bridge.  If I was good, sometimes at lunch time I would walk down to the harbour’s edge.  Oh yes it was hard to take.  Below are some of the photos I took from my desk view and street view with various treatments.   Love Sydney Harbour x


IMG_1171 IMG_1163 IMG_1046 IMG_0737 IMG_0654 IMG_0609 IMG_0487