I love old photos

Sorry I’ve been a bit distracted of late and I’m behind with my blog.

I have a thing for old photos. I love what they tell us of times gone by.


This is a photo of my maternal grandmother and my mum. I hardly recognize my grandma as she was always an older woman to me (she was 60 when I was born). I look at this photo and it speaks to me of what their life was like. It is a snap shot in time.


This is a classic image of my mum with her younger siblings. Another moment in time that our family cherishes.


Another precious image in our family – two little girl cousins – meeting for the first time, with their mothers looking on lovingly.

We take so many photos today – it’s very easy with our digital cameras and mobile phones etc, but do we take the time to capture these images that will transcend time in years to come?

I really want to be a photographer that tells the story, and I hope to share some of those images with you in due course 🙂


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