Learning from children

So I met a friend at one of my favourite spots to take some sunset shots but unfortunately the weather had other ideas.  While we waited, we shared a picnic shelter with some families who were having their photos taken in between rain showers downpours.  I try to be careful about photographing children without permission but this was really hard as the kids were having great fun playing in the puddles.  You can understand our delight when the parents said “you should get some good shots” and we didn’t have to be told twice that we had permission.

We all know how much we can learn from children.  It was joyful watching these kids playing and not worrying about getting wet (and their parents weren’t stopping them either).   As we grown up we lose our ability to just surrender to play.  It was a nice reminder.













2 thoughts on “Learning from children

  1. It was an unexpected joy to watch these children having so much fun splashing through the puddles, and lovely that their parents let them play in the wet without worrying about them getting their clothes dirty. The jetty is going to be there for another day, but the spontaneous pleasure on the day has been captured in the photos.


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