I am a photographer

So let me tell you a little about my development as a photographer.  Just the fact that I now call myself a photographer tells you lots.

I’ve been interested in and enjoyed photography for many years – since I was a teenager and that’s a long time (because I’m a mature young woman).  I won’t bore you with all the details of how I’ve evolved through makes and models, but I am a Canon gal and currently using a Canon 600D.  I also use my iphone when convenient and a Canon Ixus if I can’t take my big camera (but that is rare).  I have a camera with me at all times.  I enjoy using my 600D and have learnt so much about what it can do – particularly over the last 12 months and its great to consolidate on that, so I don’t plan to upgrade for a while yet.

A little under 12 months ago I joined my local Camera Club.   I think this has had a huge impact on how my output has improved.  Let me tell you there is a massive difference between posting your photos on Facebook and having all your family and friends “like” them (which is lovely and appreciated) and submitting your work for a professional judge to critique and provide feedback.  Yes its scary and annoying at times, but also encouraging and inspiring.  You also benefit from hearing the critiques of the other photographers. If you can take all that feedback and apply it, combined with reading your camera manual, and articles etc and subscribing and talking to other photographers – and then a lot of just getting out and doing and taking a lot of shots – then you can’t help but see an improvement.   I thoroughly recommend participating in a camera club – you make good friends too.

One of the adjustments I have made over this time is – I’ve gone from simply taking pictures/photos to attempting to create images.  I’m no longer content with just snapping away at anything – I want my images to tell a story.   I aiming to be a visual storyteller.  I’ve worked on my composition a lot, and have really fallen in love with light – particularly the golden hour and mostly the afternoon and sunsets.  I still have SO much to learn and struggle at times to put it all together but I believe I’ve finally found my creative outlet and its become a passion for me.  So this blog is a further extension of my photography and an opportunity to give it a wider audience, and I welcome your comments and feedback on the images I will post.

I don’t just take photos now…. I create images and I am a photographer.

Below are some late afternoon / early evening images of Long Jetty NSW. 

Long Jetty


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