Grateful for Ancestors

So another of my interests is genealogy/history and I’ve been really fortunate to have some lovely distant relatives share what they have gathered over the years – this is priceless. One lady in particular shared an enormous amount about my mum’s side of my family …. and I’m proud to say I’m mostly 4th generation Australian on that side. Well this just made my dad’s side of the family look neglected. I basically had his parents and grandparents (all English) but not much further. I started researching that side and am really pleased to say its looking a lot more healthy these days, and I’ve been able to go back an additional 3-4 generations, and found out lots of interesting things, about where and how they lived. Of course genealogy becomes addictive and it can be so frustrating when you hit a road block.

I’m trying to incorporate my love of photography with my family history. One image shows the signature page of my grandmother’s “Daily Light” book given to her by her Sunday School Superintendent at Liverpool on June 10th 1926, before her family left for Sydney; with a photo I was given of the Liverpool church St Cleopas. Wouldn’t it be great if she was in that photo? When the family departed Liverpool they left one of their daughters who was already married, and never saw her again, which would have been heartbreaking. 2nd photo is my wonderful grandmother – Emma in the middle with her mother Rosina on the right. I love this photo of her – she was feisty and this really shows it.

On my mother’s side I have a number of pioneers who came to Australia around the 1850’s and earlier. Yes I even have a couple of convicts! This was a really difficult trip to make – leaving family and country for a tough new life in a far away country. I’m so grateful for the sacrifice they made and that I am here now because of them – I honour them, and encourage you to look into your history. Its fascinating.

St Cleopas photoSimon Family


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